correct spelling

When taking the IELTS listening test, it’s important to use the correct spelling.

In the IELTS listening test, you will need to listen for the names of people or places. Often, they will be spelled out. You will need to recognize the letters of the alphabet, so you can write them down without difficulty.

The spelling will be brought up in the context of a conversation, so you will need to be able to tell the difference between letters and words. Distinguishing between different pieces of information is an important skill to develop.

Practice Activity 1

Start the recording, and on a piece of paper, write down the letters that you hear.

1. _________
2. _________
3. _________
4. _________
5. _________

Practice Activity 2

There is more than one way to spell certain words. Listen to the following recording and write down and write down no more than one word and/or number.

1. Name: Mr. Jack _______.
2. Address: 424 _______ Road, London.
3. Website Address:
4. Meet contacts at the _______ hotel.
5. Car registration number is ________.


Always remember to check your spelling. If you make a spelling mistake in the IELTS listening test, your answer will be marked wrong.
Remember that when hearing something like a registration number you will hear a combination of numbers and letters.

correct spelling


Activity 1:
1. M
2. W
3. D
4. T or C
5. TH or SH

Activity 2:
1. Stevens
2. Martin
3. Soap
4. Johnson
5. 24632BF

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