Personality Idioms and Phrases

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When describing people in English, it helps to have studied a mix of personality idioms and phrases to express yourself clearly.

When English speakers describe someone, we don’t just use a few adjectives. We also talk about how they behave.


1. To Describe Someone Who is Mature or Reliable.描述一个成熟或可靠的人。

Responsible – Someone who knows their duties.负责-知道他们的职责。

Conscientious – Someone who is very thoughtful about the things they need to do.认真负责人谁是非常考虑他们需要做的事情。

Mature – Not just someone’s age, but also their behavior.成熟:不只是一个人的年龄,而且他们的行为。

Trustworthy – Someone you can trust.值得信赖的人,你可以信任。

Always there for you – Someone you can rely on.为了你总在那里,你可以依靠的人。

Be level-headed/not lose your head – They do not get carried away their emotions.保持冷静/不失去你的头脑-不被左右情绪。

Alice is one of the most responsible people I know. She is very trustworthy – if you ask her to do something she will be sure to get it done. She is also very mature and level-headed for her age. She always stays calm during a crisis. Whenever I’ve had problems, Alice has always been there for me.


2. How to describe someone that is strong-minded.如何描述一个有主见的人。

To be strong-willed – When you do what you want even when there is opposition.意志坚定地做你想做的事,即使有反对的时候。

Assertive – When someone is confident enough to say what they want directly.

Have/get your own way – When you make other people do what you want.有自己的方式-当你让他人做你想做的事。

A Force of Nature – Someone who has a very strong character and be is able to make other people do what they want without much difficulty.一个自然的力量,有一个非常强大的性格,并能够使其他人做他们想要的,没有太大的困难。

Never takes ‘no’ for an answer – Someone who isn’t bothered by resistance. 不要为说“不”找答案,不为拒绝而烦恼。

Direct – Someone who is honest and clear and doesn’t worry too much about politeness – can sometime be thought of as a negative quality. 直接的人是诚实和清晰,不太担心礼貌的人,有时会被认为是一个负能力。

Always gets straight to the point – Doesn’t waste time with pointless conversation. 总是直指要害,不浪费时间进行无意义的谈话。

Call a spade a spade – An idiom for someone who says something truthful whether it is hurtful to others or not. 直言不讳–成语的人说了一些真实的无论是伤害别人或不。

Joan is a very assertive person and almost always gets her way. There are very few people who are willing to stand up to her when she asserts herself. I suppose you could say that she is like a force of nature. While I admire her for her strength, there are times when she won’t take no for an answer and it makes it very difficult to get along with her.

3. Someone you admire.你钦佩的人。

A role model – Someone you aspire to be like.一个榜样–你渴望成为的一个人。

Someone to look up to – Also someone you want to be like.受人敬仰的人—也是你想成为的人。

Be an inspiration (to) – When someone shows others what kind of possibilities they could achieve in their own lives.

A natural leader – Someone who other people will follow naturally.

Lead by example – Show others how you want them to behave by behaving that way yourself.

He’s always been my role model and someone I’ve looked up to. What I admire most is his ability to inspire people. As a natural leader, he always leads by example.


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